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Helping your loved ones get back on track through comprehensive physical therapy

Having a disability, illness, or injury leads to one’s optimal function and is most detrimental to seniors. When a health condition is present, your loved one might find it difficult to get through every day while having pain or mobility issues. But through the help of physical therapists, your loved ones will get back on their feet, one step at a time.

Our physical therapists will conduct an in-home assessment and design the best treatment plan for your loved ones. Through this, you can rest assured that they will receive the right level of care and guidance at home.

Our physical therapy services include:

  • Gait Training
  • Strength Enhancement
  • Orthopedic Therapy
  • Orthotics Training
  • Aerobic Exercises
  • Range-of-Motion Training
  • Body Mechanics Training
  • Active and Passive Joint Mobility Training
  • And More
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